Helix Lock Removable Bollards (4536HL), (US Patent 8,297,873)


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Patented Removable Bollard Locking Technology

[US PATENT 8,297,873]

  • ***New Patented locking system provides for a bollard with a hidden locking system & clean look
  • Physical barrier that minimizes vehicular damage when struck
  • Durable & light-weight HDPE (high-density polyethylene) bollard post
  • Shatter resistant – will not shatter like PVC
  • Heavy duty galvanized ground sleeve and filler piece
  • Flush surface when post removed
  • 4.5″ standard diameter provides a strong visual deterrent
  • High visibility safety yellow color
  • Internal locking sleeve (also HDPE) adds additional strength
  • Post has .391″ minimum wall thickness
  • 36″ post height above finish grade
  • Post has 4.5″ outside diameter
  • Galvanized ground sleeve has .3125″ wall thickness

Prices include delivery to any location in the contiguous U.S.

The market for bollards in the US is wide ranging and the selection of a bollard is based on the application in question.  Applications for K rated bollards can vary greatly.   On one end of the spectrum are “K” rated bollards that are intended for intentional acts and for acts of terror.   This kind of bollard solution is, in many cases, a self-contained and automated bollard solution (meaning it rises and falls without user assistance.)  This type of bollard device has been installed at an authorized testing facility and had a heavy vehicle rammed into it at high speeds to determine its ability to arrest a vehicle.  Typically this type of a bollard is found at access points and other vulnerable areas that are highly sensitive. Often, these removable steel posts are found at a large government agency or military installation.

From there, you will find removable bollards with locks designed for lower speed impacts and deterrence. Many of these solutions fall under the category of “best practices” and are either permanent or manually operated bollards.   In many cases, these solutions have not been formally tested at a testing facility.  Their strength is based largely on the known strength of the material being used and engineering based evaluations like finite element analysis. There is also a crash test standard in this category of removable bollards with locks. That standard, ASTM F3016, helps determine the ability of a device to arrest a 5,000 lb. vehicle at 10, 20 and 30 MPH.  This type of bollard is ideal for low speed incursions that are largely unintentional. This removable steel post also provides a strong deterrent.

At the lower end of the removable security bollard market are devices that are primarily used for visual deterrence. This type of device can be anything from a flexible solution that will not damage a vehicle to a small diameter, light duty steel pipe.  Bollard Warehouse came up with a solution in this segment that accomplishes a number of things.  The 4536HL provides a good visual deterrent at 4.5” OD, which is a very common bollard size.   However, because this yellow bollard is manufactured from HDPE, it is relatively light weight and can be moved in and out of position quickly and easily.  The HDPE material also makes these yellow steel bollards flexible and less likely to severely damage a vehicle.  Lastly, this flexible traffic bollard provides a clean look utilizing a patented locking system.  The 4536HL is an excellent, light weight solution in applications where visual deterrence is the primary objective.