Crash Tested Bollards

Bollard Warehouse, Inc. is the licensed Manufacturer of the TrafficGuard®, Inc. ASTM F3016 crash tested bollard line.

As the number of low-speed vehicle crashes continues to increase, the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM F3016) has developed a new vehicle impact test standard to both identify and label steel bollards that have passed low-speed crash tests. Bollard Warehouse selection of ASTM F3016-tested traffic bollards meet ASTM’s F3016 standards. We offer both fixed and removable ASTM F3016 crash rated stainless steel bollards to meet the needs of any location.

At Bollard Warehouse, safety is our priority. Keeping pedestrians, storefronts and public places safe for both vehicles and pedestrians is at the forefront of our company. All of our traffic posts are constructed with toughness stainless & carbon / powder coated steel to provide long-term protection and resistance to wear. As a leader in the industry, we are committed to maintaining the highest standards in manufacturing of our fixed and removable bollards. That’s why we were the first in the market to undergo ASTM F3016 testing for endurance at both 10MPH and 30MPH with our crash tested barriers. Protect your organization or business with our selection of traffic guard bollards below.