Traffic Control Applications

Autry Technology Center, Enid, OK
HL2005 S10 Removable Bollard, 304 Stainless

Children’s First Medical Daycare, Orlando, FL
RFP8860FH S30 Fixed Bollard. Carbon / Powder Coated

Oregon VA Eugene Health Center, Eugene, OR
RFP8660RH S30 Fixed Bollard. Carbon / Powder Coated

Children’s Health Specialty Center, Dallas, TX, RFP8660FH, S30 Fixed Bollard. Carbon / Powder Coated

Safety and security is an ongoing concern for many businesses and governmental agencies. As a result, the applications for warehouse traffic control bollards, removable bollards, collapsible bollards, and crash tested bollards is wide ranging.
There are numerous applications that can be used for warehouse traffic control bollards. Trail access is an example of a lower security bollard application. In this type of application a bollard may be needed to warn vehicles from inadvertently turning onto a trailhead and potentially harming pedestrians. However, these are areas that may require occasional authorized access. Forest Preserve vehicles, utility vehicles and emergency vehicles all may require access. In these instances a collapsible bollard is typically used. With the simple removal of a padlock, an authorized user can gain temporary access. Temporary access roads and trails are only increasing in number and bollards are an excellent solution to keep out unwanted vehicle traffic.
Collapsible bollards do have limitations and are not right for every application. Their biggest limitation is that they typically do not provide a flush surface when removed and for areas that require frequent vehicle access this can become a problem. Due to this limitation, removable bollards are used in a wider range of applications. There are many applications where safety and security are required at times, but vehicle access is frequently required. Sports stadiums are a great example of this. On days of events, bollards can be placed to protect pedestrians from an accidental or intentional vehicle incursion. However, stadiums only host so many events and vehicle access is required on days when there are no events. Another example is a business with roll up door access. At night, during non-business hours, protection of the roll up doors from ram raiding crime may be required. During business hours, a flush surface and access to those areas will be required.
In higher security applications, where pedestrians need to be protected, crash tested bollards may be the best solution. These bollard solutions come in removable and permanent options based on the site requirements. There are many examples of facilities that need this kind of protections. Healthcare facilities, schools, libraries and many government facilities may have vulnerable entry areas adjacent to parking that may require protection. Depending on the facility in question, fixed or removable bollards may be used.