Crash Tested

Bollard Warehouse, Inc. is the licensed Manufacturer of the TrafficGuard®, Inc. ASTM F3016 crash tested bollard line. As the number of low-speed vehicle crashes continues to increase, the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM F3016) has developed a new vehicle impact test standard to…

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Bollard Warehouse’s innovative and industry first patented HDPE removable bollards are a light-duty vehicle deterrent built to enforce traffic control. Our line of Deter-a-post™ bollards are easily removable and provide a flush surface. Bollard Warehouse removable bollards are lightweight with a durable galvanized ground sleeve…

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Bollard Warehouse two-way collapsible bollards collapse in two directions for functional use. These fold-down bollards are designed to ease the flow of traffic and minimize pedestrian and vehicle traffic hazards. The benefit of a collapsible bollard is the option to permit or prevent traffic through…

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