Fixed Bollards

Bollard Warehouse’s fixed and heavy-duty bollards deter and enforce traffic flow for structured and safe transportation.

Bollards protect pedestrians and redirect vehicles in specific areas of transportation. These static bollards secure perimeters for areas that see large volumes of pedestrians and unwanted vehicle entrance. Bollard Warehouse bollards help calm traffic, protecting restricted areas and people.

Fixed bollards have traffic barrier benefits such as easy and quick surface mounting. Manufactured from high-performance, USA steel, our fixed bollards are fabricated and then hot-dipped galvanized. We produce bollards with low maintenance and long-term durability. The design of these devices is reliable and resistant to weather and deterioration.

Bollard protection also includes the manufacturing of fixed bollards for bicycle parking. These multi-purpose traffic barriers serve as reliable parking for bikes as cyclists can lock their bikes to the steel frame. The bike bollards are available in one size only, which is 36 inches in height, and they have a 3.5-inch outside diameter. Our fixed bollards are restricted to a half-inch drill in anchors.

Our specialists are leaders in the industry and we stand behind the design, manufacturing and supply of Bollard Warehouse products. Bollard Warehouse bollards are your solution for property security and protection against the incursion of unwanted vehicles while protecting pedestrians. Contact us to learn why our loyal customers continuously rely on our products for dependability and durability.

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