3 Ideal Bollard Applications

1. Store entrances, public facility entrances.  As can be seen in the video link below, cars can become a hazard when they enter into a pedestrian area. Bollards could have helped prevent this particular incident from happening. Whether it be removable, collapsible or even permanent bollards, a steel bollard would have allowed pedestrian access but stopped this vehicle from intruding. This is not the first such incident like this and it will not be the last.

(Publix Car Crash)

2. Pedestrian seating areas. As summer comes, people eat and drink outside at their favorite restaurants more and more often. In many cases their favorite restaurants and bars having seating areas that are exposed to vehicle traffic. Bollards are an excellent solution to protect these areas and their patrons from a deadly vehicular encounter, and further save business owners time and money lost in such an incident.

3. Roll up doors. Ram raiding crime is becoming more and more common as intruders drive through “weak points” in the owners facility (roll up doors, entrances, etc) and steal thousands in merchandise and leave without incident. Removable bollards offer an ideal solution. Steel security posts protect vulnerable doors and entrances from intrusion during non-business hours and allow traffic of all kinds over a flush surface during normal business hours.

These are just a few of the many applications of bollards that help protect property and people from vehicles.

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