Removable Bollards

Bollard Warehouse patented Helix Lock Square Post is our first removable steel bollard. It is a heavy duty removable bollard with our patented helix locking system providing a concealed lock and clean look.


Collapsible Bollards

Our fold-down bollards are designed to ease the flow of traffic and minimize pedestrian and vehicle traffic hazards. Collapsible bollards make it easy to permit or prevent traffic through an area at any given time.


Fixed Bollards

Fixed bollards provide a heavy duty physical deterrent to unauthorized vehicle access and are easily surface mounted to a concrete footing or slab.

Security and Traffic Bollards

Our entire Bollard Warehouse product line is easy to install and made from high-quality USA steel and high-density polyethylene (HDPE).

Our traffic barrier offerings in galvanized, powder coated and safety yellow finishes give you numerous options for traffic management.

Bollard Warehouse provides fixed bollards, two-way collapsible bollards, and industry-first HDPE removable bollards. Our manufactured bollards are used to direct and control traffic in parking lots and in areas prohibiting vehicles. Our bollards operate as traffic and parking barriers and as a visual deterrent.

The patented HDPE removable bollard post is lightweight and durable. These security bollards are designed to lessen the damage and impact when struck by a vehicle. Their shatter-resistant quality and highly visible yellow color also enforce safety and awareness. The posts are big enough, 4.5 inches in diameter, to create security for any level of traffic.

The Bollard Warehouse two-way collapsible bollards collapse in two directions for ease of use. This traffic bollard is made of high-quality, USA steel and is available in two different sizes with a concave post top as an easy lift feature. Our collapsible bollards are come with reflective hazard labels for additional security and visibility.

Our line of fixed bollards are galvanized and simple to install as they can be mounted to the surface in most locations. Fixed bollards guide on-foot traffic and safely control vehicle incursions. The low maintenance and substantial benefits and features of this design produce quality performance.